Using The Burn List

Using The Burn List

You can write a player’s name on the Burn List (from her stats page) if she is near your level and you have enough money and stamina. Placing players on the Burn List allows you to exact revenge. When a player is made terminally depressed, they will not be able to fight with anyone until they are revived by the spa.

Cost to Burn List
The minimum cost to place someone on the burn list is determined based on how much glam a player owns and how many fights they have won.
The formula is this: (# of fights won – 500)*500. OR, it’s 10x your income on your job.
So, let’s say you’ve won 600 fights. 600-500=100. 100*500=50,000. So, your burn list price would be $50,000 UNLESS you make more than 5,000 at your job, in which case it would be 10x your income. There is also a minimum. The minimum burn price is $10,000.
*Note* There is a 20% burn list fee for burn listing somebody. So, the amount that shows up on the burn list is actually 20% LESS than the person actually paid to have them put there.

When putting someone on the burn list, you can NOT place someone on the burn list who is less than 1/2 your level.
There is a limit of 24 gratitudes in a 24 hour period.

Completing an Attack
To sucessfully complete a “burn” on the burn list and collect the reward, you have to terminally depress the target. To terminally depress another player, you must take their confidence to zero. If you do not take their confidence to zero in your attack, it will be treated as a regular fight, and you will only receive any money that the player has on hand. Remember, thousands of other players are after the same burns.

The lower level you are, the more likely you are to see people on the burn list.
You can be put on the burn list when in the spa.
Keep hitting refresh to see people on your burn list.


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